Just Pure F*ckin Beauty

A Sexual Fantasy

— By cleaning_lady

I have an employee whom I find really beautiful. She is older then me, she actually came here as a refugee around when I was born, and started working at the same small cleaning company that she is now the head of (which is also quite fascinating in sense of history and time). This would probably categorize as some milf crush, but I don’t care more or less for her being married with kids... I just love her everyday type of beauty, her body seeming so strong and relaxed, soft yet vulnerable and getting older. I like the attention of her fetching my attention and kind of needing me to see her, and although she is this beautiful lady she got some childlike stubbornness and obstinacy inside, and I want to feel her like that in bed. Her thighs held high up in the air for me, I want to eat her pussy. This crush is only getting deeper over time, the warm feelings I sense between us, awkward but oddly comfortable, and I have the feeling she could open up pretty hungrily to me. But because my life is not a fantasy or a porn movie where anything is possible, I will most likely never get to know. And it breaks my heart.