Just One Cup

A Sexual Fantasy

— By betsnight

I've only ever talked to him online. We live in different countries. Not too far away, but far enough that "can I invite you for a cup of coffee" can't be realised easily. Our chats are casual, exchanging music, things we love. And it's fun. And there's this feeling... If he lived closer to me, I'd have invited him for coffee after the first few messages. And we might be... WE.

My fantasy is so mundane. We happen to be in the same city and are able to meet and have a chat face to face. And everything fits and his laugh is just as infectious as I imagine. And we can't even finish our drinks. We make out on the way to a hotel, eager to finally feel each other. And then we fuck and we laugh and we fuck some more.

That's my fantasy, my wish.