Just Dessert

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Loulou Lauray

There's a strong medium sized wooden table, with a voluptuous busty, long haired woman at one end, wearing nothing, but a Gothic black lace Basque. A sexy man sits at the other end, wearing nothing, but a white cotton vintage shirt, with frills on the cuffs. I am naked, and lying down in the centre of the table. My spine is a little arched, and my head is tilted back, so my long brunette hair flows. My legs are slightly open, with bent knees in the direction of the woman. They have several slices of water melon in front of them. There's a small trolley near the woman, with other fruit and drinks. The scene is lusty and seductive. The man and woman eat their water melon, noisily, letting the juice drip down their chins and tops, as they watch me. I am caressing my thighs, breasts and stomach slowly, sexily, while anticipating their attention. I'm highly aroused, and enjoy the sensual, teasing build-up. A few minutes later, the woman stops eating, leans into me and starts to lick my pussy, passionately. The man stands up and shows me his erect cock, nudges it on my shoulder, provoking me. I stretch my neck to his length, and glide my tongue over his cockhead, seductively. Man and woman start to stroke my body. He touches my breasts, and she slides a hand over my stomach, gently, as she continues to lick my pussy. A minute later, they lean off me. I sit up provocatively, sexily, like a cat, and stretch over for a pair of red stockings, with lace elastic tops, which are draped over a chair at the table. Erotically, I reel them on, as I sit in the centre of the table. Now I take charge of the situation. I encourage the man to lean back against the table, so he's eventually lying down. He's still erect, so I straddle him, with wild passionate abandonment, with raw animalistic power driving through me, and fuck him hard. The woman stands up, takes a banana from the trolley, peels it very slowly then licks its length, while she watches us. I ride his cock faster, as my orgasm builds. I'm moaning, with intense arousal. The woman takes a bottle of Champagne from the trolley, and starts to open it slowly. When my orgasm erupts, she pops the cork and pours Champagne over my shoulders. I bend forward over his chest, so he can suck Champagne off my nipples. The woman, licks Champagne off my back. Seconds later, I sit up straight, and comb my fingers through my hair, still sitting astride him. My fantasy ends, with the three of us, looking happy, and liberated.