Just A Matter of Time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Femmexsubx

I work at a local brewery in a small city. There is a patron who has been coming in regularly for years. She has the prettiest blue eyes and an infectious smile. She's kind and fun, but has this serious big dick energy; all confidence and swagger. I've had a crush on her since we met. I constantly fantasize that one of these nights, she'll come in for drinks, and when she leaves she will forget her phone. After the last people leave, the blinds are drawn, and as I'm cleaning I'm startled by a tapping on the door. It's her. My butch babe. I unlock the door and we laugh as I go fetch her phone. We start talking, flirting, and I begin to doubt whether or not she really "forgot". We walk towards the door, share a hug. Neither of us can seem to break free. One of her hands travels up my back to the nape of my neck and I groan a little. She stops to look at me...and then we're kissing ferociously. We're on the couch, pulling each other's clothes off. We finally have the rough, urgent, tender sex that I've been longing for.