Journey to the Origine du Monde

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

- Doctor, but it’s not the urethra - the woman said.
- Relax, madame. Look into the monitor and relax - the doctor answered.
Interno notte.
The indiscreet eye of the endoscope had pointed the cervix. Gel and uncontrollable moods made sweet its path. It seemed to be on the yellow submarine traveling to the sky of Lucy and Diamond. Pink mucous and dripping glands; soft ripples and rough walls.
- Doctor, I feel my cheeks inflamed.
- Look in the monitor, lady.
On the screen it seemed to form the front of milky flow.
- I will stop here. Now I go back - the doctor said.
- Already? - the sighing madame said.
The flow, slowly, began its movement towards the eye of the endoscope. More this was withdrawing its path more the milky front swelled. The chase continued between increasingly dilated and pulsating walls.
Esterno giorno.
L'Origine du Monde was there, on the monitor, with ajar labia. Among them, slowly, a river of moods began to flow.