Jasmina, the veiled drag slave

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Abakur

My wife is a belly dancer. Every now and then, when she's out, I reach for her costumes wardrobe and dress up. I love the silky and gauzy fabrics, the colors, and above all, the Arabian Nights harem dancer girl fantasy. With me as Jasmina, the veiled slave slut.

One night, while I'm in drag, men burst through my door. I'm quickly overpowered. They put a wig and some makeup on me, and then they take turns with my mouth and face. After they're done, they take me to a place unknown.

Turns out, there's a market for men who fantasize about becoming a harem girl. I'm being sold on an auction, prime material, anal virgin. Offers fly through the air. Ultimately, an anonymous bidder wins.

I am made ready for my new owner. I've never looked, smelled or felt more sexy in my life. They deliver me to a hotel room where I am to meet my master. I'm trembling.

And then my owner arrives. It's my wife. She knew all along, and planned this. She orders me to put a ball gag on, because she sure doesn't want me screaming too loudly while she ends my virginity using a massive strapon.

We live happily ever after, a woman and her oriental dick-girl slave.