It begins with a strand of pearls

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Phillipe

It begins at the hotel after we spent a fun day at Black’s Beach, the only clothing optional beach in San Diego. Spending a day with the sun all over Lizette’s body has gotten her in a lustful mood. As she steps out of the shower I stand in front of her holding a strand of pearls. I tell her that I would like her to wear them when we go out to dinner and to wear a low cut blouse so everyone can see the pearls. She smiles and turns around expecting me to put the pearls around her neck.

I reach around and place the pearls on her chest, but I don’t clasp them shut. I begin to move the pearls down her body. As the pearls slide over her breasts and nipples Lizette tells me that it is quite the arousing feeling. I continue to move the pearls down her body, all the way to her ankles. Then I move the strand of pearls so they are between her legs and I begin to move them up along her right leg.

As the pearls just touch her pussy lips she spreads he legs apart as she feels them sliding between her pussy lips. Lizette is surprised at how aroused and wet she is as the pearls easily slide deeper between her pussy lips as she feels them sliding over her clit. Her moans foretell her climax, so I stop and tell her it is time to get dressed.

Just before we leave the hotel room I put the pearls around Lizette’s neck. As the pearls dangle erotically over her chest, I tell her that the feel of them on her body will keep her wondering what will happen next.