The island of lonely women

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nick

One day a man who was sailing in his ship alone faced a terrible storm and woke up tied in a jail in a lonely island. When he opens his eyes he sees a sun tanned girl almost naked wearing torn pieces of a clothes staring at him. She was touching his body and carefully holding his penis with her hands and licking it. He feels pleasure but can not understand what is going on. When the girl realizes he has woken up she stands up and leaves the place. He is completely lost and confused. After some time she returns with another six women. Different women, sun tanned and all wearing almost nothing. They come, look at him and tell him he was found on the beach two days before. The only thing he remembers is the storm. In the beginning they are afraid of him but at the same time excited about his presence. There were only women in that place. The seven lived there since the ship they were sailing sank. They were the only survivors. Alone and forgotten in this place they learn to live by themselves and found an old construction of pirates to live in. Now after many years they face a man again and he can give something they really want. His presence drives them crazy. They are going to show him how they satiate their sexual needs and are going to involve him in a group sex experience he has never imagined...