I Saw Her

A Sexual Fantasy

— By IlluminatiX

She was a manager from another team. Ten years my senior.

We only met in the hallways then and now. Here we are - at the same Christmas Party.

Underneath the darkness of the hallway, punctuated by the glow of the Christmas lights, elegant in black satin hugging her petite curves.

Smiling with recognition, her eyes retreating a little with the memory of past rejection, only to smile radiantly again as I made my way towards her.

As I looked into her eyes, she into mine - and we made love with our gazes, right on the spot, the kind of love that desperate lovers make.

In my mind's eye, bent over, stripped of satin to her waist, panties at knee-line, left only with jet-black six-inch stilettos and that damned radiant smile and eyes which screamed 'take me'.

Not the pretty words whispered into my ear, with thinly veiled excuses begging me to engage with her in ecstatic debauchery at a night's end.

As I chaperoned her towards a taxi with my hand around her waist, hands which clamoured for the ecstasy of her skin and which longed to bury underneath her dress.

And her desire as we sat in the cab, with my hands gently feeling the inside of her legs covered with my suit jacket and handbag, knowing that going any further would break decorum within the intimacy of a stranger's vehicle.

As she closed the door, removing her shoes, before suddenly reaching down the front of my pants with a knowing gaze on her face as she softly unwrapped my package, opened her pretty mouth, and began to make sucking motions.

As the fierce gazes in both our eyes became more erotic than being in the depths of her mouth and throat, and she slowly came to a halt before I could erupt in ecstasy.

As we left a trail of her clothes on her apartment living room floor, moving towards the lounge, not even as making it as far as her bed in our impatience to sate our carnal desires, but not before I ate her out.

As she writhed in absolute ecstasy, with my mouth upon her clitoris, sating myself on her sweet juices, completely oblivious to the hair in my way, wanting only to pleasure her.

As I thrusted over and over in various positions, knowing that the most erotic encounter was our eyes constantly entwining and fucking, windows into the carnal realm of desire that we both inhabited.

As exhausted, we decoupled and our gazes faded away, clinging onto each other in the softness of the damp Persian rug.

The morning of the very next week, with heavy feelings of regret and knowing that there was no future for the both of us.