into the woods

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheBlackSheep

I walk into the woods with my man. My secret lover. He holds my hand, and as we walk he lifts my fingers to his lips, at first kissing my finger tips and then taking each finger between his lips sucking gently, rolling the tip of his tongue around the end of each one. Already I feel the wetness between my legs in anticipation of what this man will do to me. We reach a clearing with a large tree. He pushes me against the tree and lifts my hands above my head, holding my wrists against the tree with one hand while with the other he lifts up my t-shirt. No bra. He dips his head and takes my nipple in his mouth, teasing and licking and then harder, sucking on one nipple then the other, all the while keeping me pinned against the tree. I am so turned on my this man and the things he does to me.

Soon he has my t-shirt off and is removing my shoes, jeans and panties. I am naked in the woods. I want to get my hands on him and feel those hard muscles, those firm buttocks.

I am breathing hard now as I remove his clothes, and as I peel off his jeans I kneel down and take his rock hard cock into my mouth. I tease him now, and his hands are in my hair. The taste of his juices turns me on even more. Before he can lose control I stand up and we kiss hard, his tongue twining with mine, both now desperate for each other. He pushes me back against the tree again and lifts my legs so that he is taking my weight, my legs locked around his hips, and I feel the first delicious thrust as his cock finds its way into my very wet pussy. He pauses, then thrusts hard again. And again. We ride each other, I love to feel his hardness inside me, his knob end stimulating my g-spot until we both explode.