Into the Kitchen

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sharke

My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance for as long as I can remember. A large chunk of our relationship has gone by without seeing each other for nearly 2 years at a time. We would try to save money in all possible ways to get away together. This one time he visited me when I was in college. We lay in my bed at night, unable to contain our thirst but my roommate was sleeping in her bed right across.

After a lot of silent teasing and hushed kisses we decided that was not our night. But my hand kept stroking his chest over his clothes and while I licked his neck, my hand slowly reached his zipper. At that point we still hadn't really seen each other naked. I just cupped my hand over his crotch back and forth and slipped a leg between his to contain my pussy. He held my hand and slowly slid it inside his pants. I hesitated for a second because i didn't want my roommate to budge. He just said 'ssh' and guided my hand over his cock. I'll never forget how it felt. Hard, cold and yet smooth and taut like silk chocolate. I started to stroke down with some pressure and immediately he grabbed my wrist and lifted me up. 'ssh, no!', I whispered. But he had other plans. He grabbed me and lifted me up and we scurried out of the room and into the kitchen. He placed me on the marble counter and I could see the street lights from the window glisten in his eyes and I could tell he wasn't thinking, all he wanted was to fuck me and fuck me hard. We didn't talk, didn't wait, we just went at it. My thighs wrapped around his hip and he pulled me close and rammed his body into me. We kept thrusting back and forth and it was so hot. I could hear him breathing and groaning into my ear while my hands leaned behind me and I spread myself wider to be fucked by his entirety. He fingers dug into my thighs and he thrust one last jerk into me and quickly covered my mouth and I let out the slowest, most titillating moan. He had cum all over me and just collapsed right onto me. I hugged his head and slowly leaned him back onto a chair and he couldn't even look up as he was so spent from the fucking. I kneeled down between his legs and looked up at his face and slowly leaned in for a slow kiss. We lingered, played with our tongues and made out a little while.