Internship (on sex)

A Sexual Fantasy

— By xxxdld

I was an intern in a small business. One day I was alone with one of my bosses. He was teaching me how to use AutoCAD very close to me. I could smell his perfume, it made me so horny. I'm always excited with bosses, professors, or doctors. He could see my trembling chin and hands. It didn't go too far, as the people from the office in front of us could see everything through the window, and he was married. So, later that week, my boss planned a business trip. After a long day of work, we went to drink a beer. We went to the hotel, we were sharing a room with two beds. I could feel the energy between us. I was already wet imaging what could happen. He asked if I would like a massage, after a busy working day. Of course, I said yes. I laid down, took my shirt off and he put some oil on my back, and he started massaging me. He was sitting on my butt, and I could feel his hard cock. I started moving my butt to show him my consent. He took my pants off, massaged my butt, and my legs. I turned around to stare at him. We started to kiss. He started to massage my front body. Moving his hands to my boobs, following with his mouth. He then slided down to my clit. He ate me so good, I came and couldn't handle anymore. I told him to fuck me. We fucked so hard, and so good. That was the first time I squirted and the first of the many times we had crazy, prohibited and great sex. I think this internship taught me a lot ;)!!