A Sexual Fantasy

— By humpinaround

Porn movies focus on the guy. A guy has sex and when he orgasms the scene is over. Nobody asks the woman if she is satisfied.

I don't get it.

I once had a dream that I had sex with my wife and after I finished she went to the kitchen to get a snack. A naked guy just happened to be in the kitchen. So he bent my wife over and fucked her.

When I told my wife about my dream she said she loved the idea.

"Insatiable" is a scene that doesn't rehash tired old cliches . . . a woman has sex. After the guy orgasms the woman moves on to another guy. Why not? Just because the guy is satiated does not mean the woman is. After the second guy orgasms, the woman can have sex with a third guy, and so on.

For the past fifty years or so, it has been socially acceptable for a woman to have sex with a guy outside of marriage. But the message to women is still, "one conventional, monogamous relationship at a time." Modern pornography reinforces this 20th century notion. A guy can have sex with several women in one scene, but the woman can have sex with only that one guy. The message being given is that guys are free to do what they want but the woman must show restraint. Unrestrained lust in a woman is only considered acceptable if she turns to another woman for satisfaction.

How many guys would it take to satisfy a woman? Has anyone tried to find out? I am not suggesting a DP or an orgy but rather a scene which ends when the woman is satisfied, not the guy.