Innocently bold fuck

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sinamontana

Nobody would have ever thought that when I was 18 all I could think of was the newly discovered sex playground. The fantasies gathered since childhood found a way out in reality together with my beloved boyfriend.
I didn't wait too long before introducing him to my parents, proving to be a smart move because since then he could drop over to visit me anytime. Of course, not spend the night. They always were most trusting and loving parents but completely unaware of our sexual emancipation. I could easily hide anything thanks to the angelic look I am gifted with and that I used as a cover throughout my sex drugs and rock n' roll period.

When my sweetheart would come over I would be strategically dressed in skirts, wearing tiny underwear and schoolgirl high socks. Most of my pyjamas pants also had holes between the legs. We would spend the time in my room, always keeping the door opened as a transparency policy of the house that was tacitly established.

We were both very horny all the time and would not waste any moment spent alone, so we developed a skill in having sex very silently, moving slowly, cuming quietly and cleaning fast. Most of the times we laid in bed dressed, I was on top, with his hard cock inside of me, easily beside my panties, as my skirt was randomly covering anything there was left to see. Hearing footsteps on the hallway would turn me on even more. We would stop all movements when somebody went by and I would peep through the narrow space between the opened door's hinge to see if they were coming in. I was having intense orgasms without releasing any sound, our mouths together for sealing, sweating under our clothes from the arousing danger of being caught.

One time my older brother's girlfriend came in the room as we were engaged, same position and skirt covering us up. I remember having a short conversation with her as we delayed our orgasms, his cock getting bigger inside and my vagina contracting wildly. I deeply wonder and admire the naivety necessary for being so comfortably oblivious.