A Sexual Fantasy

— By CherryRose

The supernatural has always fascinated me since I started delving into erotica. Especially regarding incubi - the idea of a demon who would ravish one late at night as the perfect lover seems like a dream come true. Even with the sinister undertones of questionable consent and the cost of one's soul, can you really deny how dangerously alluring it could be?

There are some lonely nights I do wish an incubus would appear to me to ease my solitude though. Make me feel cherished and safe as I cry out upon his tongue, his fingers, his cock. Growls and promises that I belong to him as he crushes me against his form, his cock pumping in and out of my pussy. Eventually being filled up with his seed as we both fall panting to the bed. Holding one another in each other's arms as we bask in the afterglow before I fall asleep.

Only to awake alone but content as dawn breaks.