In The Gym

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pepepe

Once upon a time, there was a gym that was open 24/7. We go there one night after drinking some beers in the historic town of a European city. The gym has no cameras and no security, and there's no one during the night. We know that, that's why we go there. The place is intimate and warm, with a nice temperature and pleasant smell. Our warm-up includes soft kisses and caresses. Feeling each other, smelling each other, licking each other slowly, coordinating our breaths, and undressing each other. The workout routine is full-body, and we use several gym machines. In one of the exercises, you sit in one of the machines and hold the bar. With my back facing a huge mirror, I sit on top of you, where you enjoy the spectacle while I move. In another exercise, we go to a machine shaped like an inverted V. I place myself there, facing down, with my butt pointing up, in front of the mirror, and you are in charge of the situation now. We also find some ropes and tie ourselves to a machine. I tie you up first, and then you tie me up. We enjoy it so much! We play with different "toys" we find in the gym, and we eventually leave the place fully satisfied, knowing we will return for a new session full of cardio, pleasure, and endorphins.