In my little tent

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My family and I just arrived in the south of France on our favorite camp-site. This will be the last year I will go on holiday with them. I sleep alone, in a little tent, standing next to my parents' caravan. A few days later, I met this sexy french Garçon... Soon, we were kissing and hugging, and we both wanted more... So, next night, when my parents were already asleep, he sneaked in, in my little tent. There, in the light of a little battery torch, we started discovering each other's bodies... Soon, we were both naked, and I saw an erect penis for the first time of my life. He was surprised about my firm, perky breasts, and had to laugh about my shaped pubis, hiding my wet, but still virgin pussy. We carefully touched each others genitals, and soon I would learn how to give head. It felt awesome! He played with my clitoris until I came. Thankfully, he had condoms with him. So, there we were, a few meters away from my parents' caravan, having sex! He was a good and patient lover, and made me come a second time before him... The next morning, when my mother woke me up, he was already gone. They never suspected...