Impregnation Nation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By UtopianFutureGirl

I’m done with the marthas, the commanders, the aunts, the maids… I think we need less dystopian futures and more utopian fantasies.

In my utopia, getting pregnant is an art you need to master. Infertility is not caused by disease or biological defect, it is simply a human's natural state. You don't have to be the smartest or the most beautiful or the strongest person to overcome this state, but your intentions and your heart have to be pure as the driven snow. You have to reach a state of complete transcendence by practicing the art of love over and over and over again. 
In Impregnation Nation you develop and learn your lovemaking techniques until you excel, and only then, when you have reached your full potential as an elevated lover, you are allowed to attempt the procedure of making babies. 
In my world, when you want to procreate, both the man and the woman have to pass a sex exam in front of our nation's gorgeous and omniscient masters of reproduction. They are like the wizards and witches of this world, beings of higher consciousness... 
I know it may sound weird, but I get turned on by this situation where me and my man have THE BEST sex in the middle of a love circle of experts who help us perform the most sacred ritual in this world and beyond...And only if we all succeed in creating an experience as magical as the universe itself, will it gift us with the most gorgeous and tender child we could ever wish for.