I'm not wearing any panties

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nocandygirl

Since the first day I met him he turns me on. He is such a kind, intelligent person. He first caught my eye during a meeting and sometimes he would glance over at me. But he has a family so I am left with only fantasies...
He is 13 years older than me and it makes it so much hotter... One day, I will wear a short skirt to the office, arrive very early before anyone else is there, only him because he is such a good manager. I won't be wearing any panties, and when I enter his office, I'm already wet because I know exactly what I want, I close the door to his office. I know the way he says "good morning" to me that he knows what I want but doesn't want to make the first move, his smile is so sweet. So I take his hand and put it up my skirt... I feel his other hand going up my leg and he kindly asks to touch me, and I say yes -very quietly. I feel his hand touching my wetness, he is so gentle... he takes his finger to his mouth and tastes my flavour.
I sit on his legs and can feel how hard he is. We kiss for the first time and it is so soft and slow. I carefully unzip his pants and stand up, because I want to kiss his dick. He is so hard... I stop because I want him inside me at last. He kisses me and penetrates me, soft... and then harder. We can't make noise, we are in the office! I sit on his desk and he bends and start licking my pussy, I'm sitting on his papers, soaking them. I finally push him back into the chair and make him come with my hand over his mouth to muffle his moans. We kiss and I say "good morning".
After that, he will know that when I wear that skirt... I'm not wearing any panties