I'm Obsessed With a Webcam Model

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Loveforever

I've been spending time on a cam site, watching a very sexy guy who gets naked on camera in his bedroom. He has the most beautiful long hair, toned arms and a nice cock. I live in the UK and he lives in Colombia, and because of the time difference I've been staying up late at night, chatting online for hours in this fantasy world. He's done private shows for me, which have become increasingly intimate. At first our chat was mainly sexual, but now we talk about many personal subjects. We lead very different lives, but we are both there for our own reasons, escaping from reality. He jokingly tells me he loves me, and blows kisses at the camera.

We are very unlikely to meet in real life. But in my dreams, I imagine we meet in a third location, in a European city where maybe some kind of event is happening. When I lay eyes on him, in person, I can barely believe it's real. We end up in one of our hotel rooms, and one thing leads to another. When he goes down on me, his hair sweeps against my legs, which turns me on so much. When he fucks me, I almost have to pinch myself to believe it's really happening.

We fly back home, back to our separate yet strangely interconnected lives. I'm still thinking of him throughout my journey. Once I get home, I log on.

Did that really just happen?