I'm the ice-cream man...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I'm working as an ice-cream man, in one of those little vans. My vending point today is at the end of the boulevard, where the nude beach begins. I'm quite accustomed to seeing nude people buying ice-cream now, but what happened to me lately, was the most erotic thing that EVER happened to me... Two young nude women came to my van, and chose their favourite taste. They both wanted extra whipped cream on top... And when they started licking each others ice-creams, I felt my cock getting erect by the sight of their tongues, licking the cream off, really enjoying it all in an sensuous way. They saw me stare, and I blushed shyly at them. They both giggled, and asked me if I wanted to be where their ice-creams cones were. I nodded yes, and then they sneaked in my van, pulled my shorts down, and both started licking and sucking my cock. I went on serving customers, with a strange grin on my face, while those two girls gave me the BEST BLOWJOB EVER!!!