I'm a Feminist. Now Pull My Hair and Make Me Beg for It.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cuntastic

I'm a feminist. I see me as an independent, Rosie the Riveter, I-can-take-care-of-myself woman.
However I can't help but love it when a man takes complete and total control when we're getting intimate.
I love it when he pins me down, presses himself against me so I can't move, pulls my hair and bite my lip.
Undresses me frantically, like all my clothes have to be off right now because he can't wait to get at what's underneath.
Licking my breasts, kissing me everywhere, teasing me endlessly with his fingers, pressing himself against me, making me beg for it, and when he finally does penetrate me it's such an overwhelming feeling that I can't help but come my brains out immediately, viciously clawing at his back all the while.
Of course I love all this. I want this every time. I long for it, lust for it. But I couldn't possibly bring myself to tell him all of this because I'm too shy.