Ich Liebe Dich / Je t’aime

A Sexual Fantasy

— By depeonew

Maybe this isn’t as exciting as some of the ones on here, but I’ve always dreamed of having a foreign lover. One with an accent, to be specific. I used to hate it, but I have a fetish for European accents. Rough German and smooth French ones in particular. When I.. try to get myself off, I find the easiest way is imagining someone whispering rather erotic things in my ear, rough accent practically dripping on their words like honey. Throwing in some originally cute and friendly nickname from German or French and making it dirty. I think my favorite (hetero) scenario would be riding him. Being told how good I am, while my legs can barely keep me up because of just how in-heaven I actually am. Warm hands roaming my body, lips brushing my ear as he says incredibly hot things to me. I would love someone gentle and kind, who can be rough when I want it (or need it, on occasion). Having him slowly slipping into German/French as he gets closer, knowing that I just love it.

And with a woman, I’d undeniably want to be bottoming. I prefer to be dominant but a feminine, German accent and curvy body? I’d die trying. I’d much rather have slower, but not any less enjoyable, sex with a woman. Being teased by her delicate fingers, hair falling in her face as she leans above me and says erotic things that, probably, would embarrass me in any other situation. A skilled tongue and gentle nature, but I wouldn’t mind the rough type of woman either. The type who pretty much demands to be dominant and in control - that itself is practically a huge turn on. I don’t like the very skinny women typical of porn, either - I’m not shaming, I simply prefer women who are average or, y’know, have just a bit more to love, does that make sense? Someone real and natural, and that goes for both men and women alike.

I wouldn’t mind our sex being in not-so-private places either.. the thought of being caught by someone is arousing. Being ravished against a wall in a fitting room, because neither of us can wait. This is long, but it’s one of my biggest fantasies.