I Wish That We Were Characters in a Computer Game

A Sexual Fantasy

— By The Gamer Girl

My boyfriend is a gamer. Ever since I was a kid, I have liked to watch other players game on the computer or game console. I like the quality animations. Recently I have been turned on by the game The Witcher III, which my boyfriend is playing. Gerald, the main character, really knows how to charm the ladies (witches). And, they know how to fool him from time to time - I find that funny! There are some love scenes in the game, but they hide the interesting details. And that makes me so sad. I have searched the internet for animated porn, but the results are too disgusting with genitals in unrealistic sizes or too boring with still frame pictures. I wish that the universe of XConfessions could be placed in a sex computer game play-through with realistic sized genitals, hot outfits and pleasure for both characters. It could be either in a cyberpunk universe or in an age like in The Witcher. Anything with beautiful surroundings. Then I would could go for the high score with my character ;) And maybe get some points for each time an orgasm arrives or if something is really pleasurable for my partner. I would keep an eye on my health points, because I wouldn’t want to get exhausted too early. I hope that I could be an inspiration for a new kind of movie, here at this site, witch I love so much! Some animators will be in for an exciting ride. By the way one of my favorite movies are “Dirty Laundry”. I love the way the actors do their work. Thank you for your movies! Game over xx The Gamer Girl