I Want Her to Show Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leo Mistress

Claire is on the bed already, slowly feeling herself, looking me up and down. I don’t know what it is about her but it's driving me wild. So, I slowly move closer to her and start to make my move. She’s so gentle. Not like a man. She lays me down and slowly caresses me and starts to kiss me, moving her hands down to my vagina. She tickles me just as a tease, I’m so wet. She then takes off my shorts and starts using her fingers in a circular motion on my clit and kisses the inside of my thighs. I just want her to eat me out, I have never been with a woman but I want Claire to show me how it is. She starts to go down on me and as I’m about to… she stops. Claire comes back up to my face and takes my shirt and bra off, she starts kissing my nipples and caressing my boobs and I’m moaning that I want her. She lays on her back and gives me this look, I know what she wants but I've never eaten a girl out. But I honestly can’t help myself. I suck her nipples and finger her. After I feel her get wet, I start kissing down her body and to her thighs, and slowly slip my tongue to her clit. I start moving my tongue and sucking her clit and find a rhythm I can feel her respond to. She starts moaning which turns me on like crazy. I never thought I’d be into a girl but I couldn’t be more wrong... that’s until I feel a light on me. I look over and my boyfriend is standing in the door. He has this expression that I've never seen before, I can’t recognize if he's mad or surprised. He closes the door, slowly walks into the room and sits on the chair in front of us. I look up at Claire and she has this crazy smile on her face, that makes me just keep going, licking and sucking and with every moan coming from Claire I’m getting more wet. I start using my fingers to go inside her and as I look over at my boyfriend I realize he couldn’t be any more pleased as he watches. My fingers are going faster, I’m sucking harder, she moans and I can feel her stomach tightening and I know I’m making her cum...