I Had Sex With Myself

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheOttomanEmpire1912

As a man masterbation can feel like a tedious activity being done to external stimuli. I often view female masterbation to be empowering, in that the women explores and finds joy in her own body. Recently however, I found that masterbating without any external stimulus and focusing on my own body resulted in more satisfying orgasms. The other day I got high and my self consciousness about masterbating without any inhibition fell away. In a dimly lit room I found myself pressed against the wall, moaning, and imagining different partners come and go pleasing me. Being bisexual as well, my fantasy saw me on all fours in bed touching myself while imagining being penetrated from behind, first by a man, then by a women with a strapon. I kept rotating to different parts of the room completely lost in my own world. At times thinking of partners, other times thinking of the actual action of masterbation and the pleasure it was bringing me. Feeling my body up, slowly stroking my balls, playing with my asshole. All while stroking myself in whatever speed and strength felt right. After about 30 mins of different experiences, I found myself standing next to a chair putting all my energy into cumming. As the spit dried out from my hands, the growing friction brought me more and more pleasure. I felt my body tighten as my muscles had to do more work to keep going. I went from full strokes to just finding joy in rubbing the tip of my penis. Finally, I came with an ecstasy I have rarely even felt in sex. Normally when masterbating as a guy you worry about how you're going to clean up. In this scenario I just came onto the wooden floor, and orgasmed for 15-20 seconds. It was a truly beautiful, sensual and spiritual experience. And as a man it really allowed me to explore my sexuality and sensuality in a way that I have only found women discussing the topic. My fantasy would be for this to be shown as a movie, as I have never come across a video of really high quality, sensual male masterbation. The moments when I imagined other people, could have other people show up on camera, actually fulfilling the mans fantasy, and slowly drifting away to him being alone as he focuses more on himself again.