I am a girl with a virgin fetish

A Sexual Fantasy

— By s_zhadan

I have a fetish for virgin men. And not just virgin men, but the "gamer" type — an adult man in his 20s, not particularly attractive. He doesn't have many friends, interesting hobbies, he is sensitive, but never shows it, he has a low self esteem, he is quite possibly depressed and very, very lonely. It's very likely that he never even kissed a girl. I get turned on by the idea of showing him the pleasure of being with a woman for the right time. In my fantasy, on a forum I see some bitter messages about women, track this person down and find out that he is a loner, who goes to college, works part time, spends most of his time in his room. My heart breaks when I see him walking, all by himself, avoiding people. One night, wearing my "good girl with the shortest skirt" outfit, I go to the cafe he works at. I ignore his "sorry, we are closed" and start asking him increasingly personal and inappropriate questions. He is very awkward. Then, I touch him — almost innocently, fixing his hair, then I caress his face, slightly rub his lips with my finger. I watch his reaction — shock, disbelief, fear...arousal. I enjoy every moment of watching him experience the first time when a woman is kind, tender, sexual with him ... I press my crotch against his and feel him being hard as rock. I take his hand and walk with him into the kitchen, push him against a sturdy metal table, roughly grab his hair and give him a gentle, fleeting kiss... His first kiss. We make love all night. I start by letting him touch me. His hands are shaking, he is nervous. I teach him how to please a woman, how to kiss a woman, I am dominant with him, but very gentle. And he works his ass off to please me. At some point, I cum, and when I tell him, it's like a switch turns on. Now he is the dominant one. He fucks me like it's his last time, while in fact it's his first. We explore each others bodies, sharing this beautiful moment together... I lead him through his new found pleasure, help him gain confidence and expand his sexuality.