A millennial, vegan cock

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Repressed

This is probably going to sound fucked up but it’s a fantasy running through my head recently. My husband and I are considered by many to be very attractive, and although I am in my 40s I still get hit on by young guys all the time. My husband is sexy too and takes pride in his masculine shape and looks, and for years we had an amazing sex life. I wish I could say it was still true. See, my husband was in the military and fought in Afghanistan, seeing some very horrendous things, and he has come home with PTSD. Since he has been home he has become more and more withdrawn and less fun to be around. Over the last few years he has fallen deeper and deeper into conspiracy websites and a lunatic obsessed with ultra conservative ideologies. I can no longer relate to him, but we stay together for the kids.

The sex fantasy stems from this dissatisfaction. Recently I took on a job. Most of my coworkers are women but there is a man working there that I’ve been having filthy thoughts about. He’s boyish but confident, and I find myself in these conversations about sex with him all the time. He is surprisingly open, the complete opposite of my husband, and politically he is so strong in his progressive beliefs. I admit, I want to fuck him. I want him to cum all over me. I can see his bulge through his tight jeans at work, and I relish in the thought that my husband would think he looks like a fag. I want him to fill me and make me do disgusting things my husband is too much of a prude to even imagine. I want to humiliate my husband, because he is so obsessed with his own masculinity and what it means to be a man. I want to destroy his broken, veteran heart with this millennial vegan cock. The idea that this guy at work can be more of a man than my military hard bodied husband turns me on. The guy from work has an aura of sexual confidence, while my husband reeks of insecurity. I just want to humiliate my husband with the kind of man he hates.