Hunting Him

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MuSa

Yes, it might seem this is the typical story of sex between a student and her professor at the University, but I feel it's much more than that... Yes, he was my professor and was twice my age. However, I wasn't that innocent: I have already discovered my bisexuality and had some experience in group sex. But this time my desire was so different and intense. Since the very first day I felt attracted by his deep voice in contrast with the subtlety of his hands while turning the pages of a book. All of him showed some repressed violence behind his gestures of gentleman. I wanted to release his rude side. In brief, my hunt lasted a few months. It wasn't enough staying at home involved in fantasies, I needed to touch his delicate violence. No, he wasn't single and neither was I, but that didn't matter: we were in his room and I took his hard erection with my hand while saying: "I'm finally going to taste you, my dear professor". I wanted to corrupt him and I'm still doing it even today. Now he's rude, but only with me, his little girl.