Hunted by the Beast

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kitty

You're in your house. It's late and you've already showered, so you slip on a silk little nighty for no one but yourself, wanting to strut around your house feeling confident and sexy. You plop down on your couch and decide to blow off some stream. It's not long before you're reaching personal heights of pleasure, so close to satisfaction, and just as your about to climax, the front door flies open. You jump, whipping your hand out of your lacy panties and staring incredulously at the door. Your breath catches when you see that it's him, looming in your doorway. Tall and brawny with that perfect Joe Manganiello body, just as sexy as you remembered. Dark hair with a sharp jawline peppered with a five o'clock shadow. He said he'd always find you and here he was, tan and dripping wet from the rain outside. Eyes hard like the rest of him and they are trained on you. Your breathing picks up as your nipples harden underneath the silk, perking proudly for his attention. You swear you hear him growl deep in his chest and your eyes shoot up to his face. You see him close his eyes as he breathes in deeply, inhaling your scent and arousal. He releases that breath with another deep, rumbling growl and his eyes are on you again, but this time sharpened and focused. He takes a step into the room and your entranced by his deadly grace as you watch his muscles bunch and release under his wet, skin tight clothing. Your panties are soaked and your whole body is trembling. The way he's looking at you gives a very clear message. He has been hunting for you, and now that he's got you back, you will be ravished. Faster than your eyes can keep up, he's got you pushed back on the cushions, pinned beneath his body. He bites the slender curve of your neck, staking his claim, and you give in to him. Finally letting him take what's rightfully his.