Hungry For Him

A Sexual Fantasy

— By insanerabbit

I'm hungry. I'm hungry for him. I want him, I need him like my cells need oxygen. I know he wants me too. We cannot do anything except looking at each other from a far. He looks at me whenever I am around as if he wants to own me. Nothing on this world is hotter than his deep penetrating stares. Recently I cannot stop thinking how I want to make love to him for hours, how I want to caress every cm of his amazing body. I want to strip my soul to him and I want to strip my body as well. I want him to hunt me down, like the rabbit I am. I want him to feast on me intensely yet gently. I want this desire to swallow both of us completely. I want to make love to him so bad that it drives me insane. My hunger cannot be satisfied with anything else. I'm hungry for him.

He doesn't know I need him this much. All he sees is a cute, short, shy woman who is only interested in her scientific studies. He doesn't know how dirty my mind is. Oh and he definitely doesn't know that I.... am a 28-year-old virgin.