How far would you go?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sherlrocket

How would you feel about a total stranger seeing you naked? Watching you being intimate with yourself. Would you be scared? Nervous? Excited? Would you enjoy it? Would the person watching enjoy it? How far would you be willing to go, and what would be your price to do so be? I’ve been talking to a friend about getting naked online. They think I’d be great. I love being naked and feeling free. I love doing silly videos naked. But could I be brave enough to do that publicly, and to do whatever someone wanted me to do? To embrace my alter ego on the world stage and let go. But what if it was someone I know? Could I still perform? What if it was my friend? Would I become too shy or too nervous, or would the thrill overtake me, mind, body and soul? I’ve not been brave enough yet...but who knows…maybe next time it will be me you’re watching…