How do we count sex?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Shakti

I’ve been noticing that there’s this idea in society of counting sex by the male orgasm, and by counting the number of times by the male orgasm. Even on xconfessions, sex often ends after the male orgasm. I want to see my experience reflected and what I consider to be good sex. It’s pretty simple really. I would like to see female ecstasy. I don’t care if there are any male orgasms in the scene and it’s not because I don’t appreciate them, I do, but I have seen and assisted enough of them, and I'd like to see what is lacking; a thorough pleasure cycle to complete satiation for the woman. There are some things that can help this: that she has one orgasm before she puts any attention on him. That she has a g spot orgasm by fingers or toy before any penetration with his penis. By this time, she’s so much better prepared to have an orgasm by getting fucked with a dick, and it’s not so much pressure on him to last. Also, it’s good if she is offered another orgasm after he comes. I’d like to see her held emotionally and physically during the length of her climax.