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A Sexual Fantasy

— By ohai_there

When we were still students my girlfriend has been modeling lingerie for a local brands, often alongside other guys. Ever since then I have developed a kink that she would flirt and have sex with other guys (with my permission). A fantasy of mine is that she would join an social media based lingerie contest for la fille d'o (lingerie brand), the popular vote will win a trip with the winners of the contest. I (the man) would initially join the contest joking that we would just end up going together on this summer trip. When the contest started we would help eachother out taking pictures and looking at pictures of the other candidates and fantasize about them when having sex. Yet she would continue a lot further in the contest than I would, as a supportive boyfriend I pushed her to win the contest and win the trip. 4 winners (2 male and 2 female) would end up winning a trip to a beautiful villa with pool. The contest would continue for 5 more days at this location with live (hidden) camera footage and popular voting, with challenges. Being devoted to winning she was wearing lingerie most of the time with transparent dresses, no bra, being casually topless when making food. Making excessive eye contact with the other male candidates. Photoshoots were done (for the new lingerie line) and when observing that the other woman was nicely shaved (landing strip) she asked one of her other male candidates to help her out shaving when wearing a very revealing lingerie set. She went to the bedroom where this (slightly younger 27 ish) would apply the shaving foam and start shaving very very gently, applying a bit of pressure to her lips as a tease. It was obvious she got very aroused, he gave her oral pleasure. What they didn't know was that the house was rigged with live cameras so the audience could follow and vote. Instantly the votes for my girlfriend went up and I would follow live as she went on to have sex with the other guys. She would eventually win the contest and return home sexually liberated.