Hot summers day

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Stephie40

One hot summers day Young Horny couple who has justed started dating went for a long drive in the countryside. She's sitting in the passenger seat while he drives, she's wearing summer top and skirt spread her legs apart revealing her white damp kickers as she starts to rub her pussy making her more wet, he watches her then bits his bottom lip he know what she wants as she tease him. His cock hard she tease him, his cock throbbing he wants her, she then unzips his jeans to free his big hard cock . She then slides her knickers off he then tells her make herself come she rubs and tease her clit till she comes fast. He can't take no more he pulls the car over out of view. She then sucks his cock he puts his hands on her head gently pushing her down so she can take him further. They then go to the backseat more clothes come off, he takes her breast into his mouth sucks gently on her nipples they kiss passionately looking into each eyes she lays down on the backseat with her feet spead apart in the air, they smile at each other they know it going to fun tight squeeze in the space but they don't care. He's on top he guides his cock gently into her pussy he fucks her, they get hot sweaty as they both the car starts to steam up the closer and closer as the both reach orgasm sweat drip off them till the both orgasm together.