A hot summer night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RicardoLisboa

After leaving the club, we arrived at Erica´s apartment and before opening the door, she warned me that she had a roommate by the name of Monica. Erica wanted to avoid being seen by her friend, but Monica appeared in the hall while leaving the kitchen.
Everyone was surprised, but Monica understood the situation and greeted us with a naughty smile. We smiled back at her.
When we got into the room, Erica and I embraced in front of a large mirror right next to the door. While undressing, she kissed my neck, my nipples and grabbed my ass, almost scratching it.
We got into bed, I caressed her body with my lips and tongue and started to lick her sex, while she gently touched my hair with both hands. After a while, she started to suck my cock, while sitting on the edge of the bed, as I was standing up.
Suddenly, I asked her to invite Monica to join us. She looked at me and didn´t hesitate. A couple of minutes later, she returned with Monica, who was wearing a sexy bordeaux lingerie. Erica continued to suck me, while Monica french kissed me. For a moment, Monica and I observed Erica´s fellatio in total silence.
After, we three french kissed and I asked if they had strawberry syrup. Monica said she had peach syrup. She went to the kitchen to get it. I placed syrup on Erica´s breasts, as Monica and I licked them. After, I placed syrup on my balls and told them to lick.
It was a mess.
Erica was the first to be penetrated doggy-style. Monica was in the same position, but only to be penetrated by my fingers.
I pulled erica´s hair and occasionally slapped Monica´s face, calling her a whore and telling her she was next. When Monica´s turn came, I fucked her with a certain rage, while Erica was watching and masturbating untill climax.
Monica came next, pausing her movements as I realized she was having an orgasm. Her contractions gently squeezed my cock.
I finally reached climax, while masturbating and aiming at both women´s breasts. Their breasts were covered in milky white cum.
We stayed in bed in silence.
Hours later, I left.