A Hot Physio Session

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DeepPurple

Dear Erika,

I would like to share my confession with you and say thanks you for your work, it has meant many things to me this year. On one hand liberation, I’ve never encountered an expression of porn so close to my real experiences as yours. On another hand, exploration… to find so many colourful variations of sex through the stories that people like me are sharing through your project, it’s just amazing, it leaves me with a smile of satisfaction (among other things some times).

Here's my confession:

I was lying down when he entered the room, some routine questions started. Some minutes later I realised that something in my body had changed. I was so hooked to his eyesight. I felt like his eyes were already penetrating me.

He told me what to do and I just obeyed… my body was naked, I was just using an embroidered underwear tied to my waist, uncovering my ass. I was using no bra… I was going to do anything he wanted… he was so strong… I was only a slave.

He tied my hands and started touching my back, he moved slowly and firmly, hurting me sometimes. But it felt so good…

He was standing in front of my head and every movement of his hands he was getting closer to me. His hands grabbed my waist, each hand at each side and his hips were on my face, close to my mouth… he pulled my hair… took my head up and pulled his trousers down…he put his dick slowly into my mouth, I could not do nothing else than just accept it, my tongue going around, I'm getting more and more wet, and I imagine how the scene continues, through all the holes, I'm paralysed, tied, he uses his force, passion and let all his desires run freely while he plays with every part of my body with precision, with the perfect balance between softness and brutality. He fucks me in many positions and ends up fucking me from behind with his hard cock.