Hot Irish Sauna Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By meabhburns

My boyfriend and I spent the night away in a hotel and spa in North West Ireland during the winter. We went to the pool during the day and no one was around. We swam and then went into the sauna. It was so hot and secluded we both felt ourselves getting horny so I put my hands under my bikini bottoms and started to masturbate while he watched. Then he came over and started to do it for me. We were both fully aware that any one could walk in at any moment but that made it hotter. When I came, I said I’ll suck your dick and he went to the door to check no one was coming. He said “fuck it” and took his shorts off. He then took my bikini bottoms down, set them beside me and grabbed both my legs. We fucked. And it was the most exciting sex we ever had. It didn’t last long but he came a lot and I was dripping wet.