Hot, Hot Springs

A Sexual Fantasy

— By KayceValentine

I am a nanny who travels every summer with the affluent family I work for to a small town out west in the mountains. I go alone for work, so besides the family I work for, I don't know anyone. I often go to this hot springs, where there are inevitably two types of guys: douchebag wealthy hedge fund types and boho hiker dudes. I would love a porn involving a threesome with each of these guys and a visitor working in the area. I imagine her getting in the hot tub with hot hedge fund dude, who is a complete ass to her. He's taking up a lot of room in one of the springs, talking on his cell, acting annoyed that anyone comes into his space. The camera could go under water showing their legs touch when other people get in, and he moves away disgusted when their legs touch. Then hiker dude joins them in hot springs. He's like a goofy puppy, all talkative and sweet, bragging about his adventures. His leg brushes against the nanny, and he sort of takes advantage of it. Smiles, keeps his leg close. You get a shot of him getting a hard on under water. The hedge fund guy kind of gets up rudely, acting put out by the nanny and the hiker talking and laughing. He takes off towards the sauna. He's really hot, and the nanny's eyes kind of follow him. She excuses herself and follows him into the sauna. He doesn't even open his eyes when she walks in. He's sitting there with his eyes closed. The nanny doesn't know why she's so attracted to this asshole, but she notices the sweat beading down his neck and she has the urge to lick it. She does it without thinking, and his eyes pop open and he looks kind of angry and surprised, but then her hand is beneath his towel. They start touching each other. She goes to kiss him, but he evades her lips, but he's looking at her lustfully and they are sweating in the sauna heat, touching each other. Suddenly, the hiker dude comes in and looks surprised, apologizes for interrupting, but hedgefund guy bosses him around. Yells at him to come back in and lock the door. Hiker dude is hedgefund guy's opposite. He kisses the nanny on the mouth and is tender and sweet, while hedgefund guy is rough and forceful. Having those two sexual elements with wet bodies and the hot, steamy sauna make for the perfect summer fantasy!