Hot garden

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Conil

Hello friends, a few days ago my wife and I were able to have a short romantic getaway. We spent the morning visiting the town where we stayed and after a delicious lunch, we enjoyed the afternoon in the pool of the house we had rented. Luckily for me, and although there were a couple of neighbors' windows with visual access to the pool, my wife decided to swim naked. I don't know how you would have experienced it, but this situation made me very hot. When he got out of the pool, he discreetly wrapped himself in a towel, but by then I was out of control and dedicated myself to taking photos to immortalize the morbid moment. The view that my wife offered was unbeatable so I got between her legs to eat her pussy without forgetting her anus. How could it be otherwise, she got hot, if she wasn't already, and whispered in my ear: "Let's go to that corner, (an area of ​​the patio set up with shade and lots of cushions) and fuck my ass"... Anyway, what else can I tell you? while trying to give the pleasure that my wife demands I imagined myself in the skin of one of the neighbors masturbating while watching the scene, or in the role of a photographer of an erotic publication taking material for its next issue...