Hot for Teacher

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zeno

I am a teacher at a college of further education. In my class the students are mostly young women and some of them are breath-taking beautiful. As I Get older I find that truly, most young women are beautiful.

One of my most gifted students comes from the Ukraine. Olga is twenty-five years old, very bright and incredibly eager to learn.
Before fall vacation she asked me whether she could contact me during vacation when she had questions on her paper. I said of course.

As a teacher you have a lot of work to do at home, even during vacation. One evening, Olga's email arrived. She told me about her reading and her thoughts on the plot and the protagonists and had quite a bunch of questions. To answer them I'd had to write almost a novel, so I answered her we should talk about this after vacation.
She said she couldn't wait two weeks, and suggested we talk on the phone instead. It was more relaxed than I'd expected, and after discussing the paper, we made small talk.
I asked her what her plans were for the vacation. She told me she was single parent and had a son of four years. That made me respect her even more for how hard she worked.

We were chatting and time was flying. It was way past midnight when we said goodnight. But then she suggested it didn't have to be goodnight. I was astounded and asked her whether she was flirting with me and she said yes. My heart pounding and my head swam. She is an extremely beautiful woman. But she is also my student. It's impossible to flirt with my student. It was impossible even to consider. I told her that we should stop now. She answered I shouldn't be prudish. I felt happy she couldn't hear my pounding heart or see how she had made me blush. I said goodnight anyway and went for a glass of wine.

She called again the next week with more academic questions. We didn't talk about what had passed last time. But then, out of the blue, she told me that she'd had a dream about me. Again I blushed. Again my heart pounded wildly. After a pause she started to explain...

We were at the college. It was after end of school and we were waiting at the elevator. The elevator opened and I let her go first. The elevator closed and then she kissed me. I kissed her back. She let her tongue open my lips and penetrate my mouth. I caressed her hair, her neck, her shoulders. Her hands slipped under my shirt and her fingers started to knead my nipples. I followed her example and opened her bra. Her breasts were so warm, so round and firm. They smelled so nice, so sweet. I opened her blouse to suck on her nipples.

She asked if she should go on explaining her dream. I only said that I had better go to bed now.

After vacation I avoided her to save my job. But every time I take the elevator, part of me hopes she will be there waiting.