Hot Dentist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Small_Guy

I arrive at the dentist office, expecting my usual checkup. As I arrive there, I'm informed I will have a new female dental hygienist(who just started there) working on my teeth. She comes out into the waiting room to greet me, and beckons me to fellow her into the dentist's room. She is young and attractive. I sit down on the chair as she presses the button to lower the chair so that I'm lying down. This is were things take an unexpected turn. At this point she informs me that she finds it much easier to perform the teeth cleaning by getting right on top of her patients. This takes me by surprise, and before I even realize what's going on, she mounts me, straddling my chest. I nervously start to fidget and squirm a little. She spreads her legs so my arms are trapped by her thighs, and clamps her hands on my shoulders and tells me that it will be much easier for both of us if I hold perfectly still. With one hand, she grabs my hair to hold my head still and with the other picks up her tools and proceeds to perform the cleaning as if it were just another normal checkup. At the end of it she tells me that everything looks good with my teeth, and that she was pleased by my level of cooperation, but next time, she'll expect less squirming at the onset, before getting off me and sending me on my way.