hostel dorm encounter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By andy44729

two recent acquaintances had been staying in a 10 bed dorm together, the attraction was obvious to them. one night they decided to go for it, just gently spooning and cuddling at first, with a full dorm around them. as we were spooning i worked my hand down her body, she began to tremble and squeeze my body, then i ran my hand up her thigh, she spun round and we started to kiss. i ran my hand up her thigh and then down inside her shorts, and felt how wet she was, obviously she wanted this too. we removed our clothes and we went back to spooning, but she could feel my erect cock against her tender bottom, and i could feel the wetness between her legs, and her tight grip on my arms. i whispered, asking her allow me into her. 8 people were sleeping around us, we whispered, and i started to go down on her, as she so quietly moaned, her heartbeat racing,i raised myself up and slid into her wet pussy. a groan to loud, and a body stirred in the dorm. our pleasure was foiled. the next day however, by chance we were alone in the dorm... she pulled me to the corner, we started making out with her against the wall,i kissed down her body and pulled her shorts off as i did it. i started to go down on her whilst she was still in her underwear, gently flicking and caressing her clit, she put her leg on my shoulder so i could get deeper inside her. she shoved me back, i was flat on the floor, she sat on top of me, i grabbed her so she was sitting on my face and i continue to lick her pussy, and felt her wetness all over my face. as i licked she undid my belt and trousers and began to remove them, then quick as a flash she span round and we began to 69. eventually we couldn't hold off any longer, and she rode me reverse cowgirl style. we continued with that, until we decided to change and i bent her over the nearest bed and fucked her doggy style, all the time pulling on her hair. then we climbed into my bed, facing each other missionary style to climax together, before laying motionless in each other's arms. we never realized we weren't alone in the room.