Horton's Corset Emporium

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wjkennaugh

Mr Horton, and operates an extremely high end lingerie shop in the most fashionable part of town. The shop represents the height of Victorian luxury, and is fitted out in mahogany, brass and glass. The impossibly tight corsets are made from the finest silks, damasks and brocade.

They are made on-site in the workshop and each is fitted personally by, Horton, or one of his assistants.

Through the back of the shop is the fitting room. The displays here are more risqué, and the lingerie is made from more exotic fabrics and materials, like latex and rubber.

One regular customer, Lady Asquith, attends for the second fitting of her new corset. Horton obliges, ever the consummate professional, assisted by the manager, Mme LaFalque, a severe, attractive woman in her mid 50s.

Lady Asquith stands on a dais, not unlike the display stand for one of the mannequins, and her maid helps her to disrobe down to a simple shift. Mme LaFalque fits the corset onto her torso, and tightens the laces with surprising severity. Lady Asquith gasps with surprise, but is not unhappy, as she admires her extreme waist heightening her curves in the mirrors surrounding her.

Mr Horton puts on his glasses and busies professionally around her, inspecting the fit, and tightening laces where appropriate,

Lady Asquith inquires about Horton's travels. Horton offers to show her his latest set of treasures. He opens a mahogany case, containing a number of intriguing items.

The first is a small, flat brass container, not unlike the container in which one might find rouge. He opens it and explains that it's a salve developed for the harem of Sheikh Salman-bin-Salman and it heightens the sensitivity of any part of the body on which it is applied.

Next, there is a beautiful stoppered jug containing an oily amber fluid. He offers it to Lady Asquith who opens it and takes a sniff. It is a precious oil, which gives the skin a beautiful sheen and also makes the skin incredibly smooth and slippery.

Alongside that, there is a teardrop-shaped glass bottle of a powerful aromatic, developed by the same alchemist as the salve, which transports the body to another realm when inhaled deeply. It also, Mr Horton explains very matter-of-factly, relaxes the muscles of each bodily orifice, aiding the penetration of any object.

Finally, there is a delicate metal chain harness, which attaches to two delicate circular metal clamps, just the right size to encircle a nipple.

Lady Asquith takes out the harness and weighs it in her hands. She indicates she wants to try it. Now. Meanwhile, Mme LaFalque busies herself in the corner, raising her skirts, and attaching a large and beautifully carved ebony phallus to the belt around her waist, and walks purposefully towards Lady A....