A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lindseyleighb

I recently spent a beautiful night with a woman who told me that she heard bees buzzing after she came.

It inspired me to write the below short story. I hope you enjoy!


We are lying naked in bed — you on your side, me on mine. I pull you into me and feel our soft skin rub and press against each other. I kiss the top of your head and I smell you. You smell like a mixture of sugar and sex. I softly kiss your eyelids and I can feel them flutter ever so slightly like little hummingbirds under my lips.

I slowly run my index finger gently across your lips and you take it into your mouth and suck. I replace my finger with my lips and kiss you. You feel the wetness of my finger run out as I slide it down your chin and down your neck. I trace each rib in your windpipe as I work my way to the bottom of your throat and cup my hand around it. I squeeze — not too hard but hard enough to let you know that I am in control and I have you where I want you.

I run my mouth down your perfect body and you feel my hair slide across your breasts, over the curve of your waist and on top of your bellybutton. I part your legs and kiss the tenderest part of your inner thigh. I stay there for a while — licking and kissing and giving attention to each side. As I move from inner thigh to inner thigh I brush my cheek gently across your pussy.

When I feel you begin to squirm and wiggle I hover open-mouthed over your pussy and the warmth of my breath begins to open you up even more. You subtly move your hips up to meet my mouth and I pull away as far as you lean in. I do this for a while making eye contact until I can see in your horny eyes that you have completely surrendered control.

I begin to circle the opening of your pussy lightly with my two fingers. I can feel your wetness leaking out with each rotation until my fingers are so slippery that they are met with no resistance as I thrust them slowly but forcefully inside you. I drive them as deep as they will go and then linger there. I can feel you wrap around them, swelling to hold them inside of you. And then I lift you off of the bed from inside you. This is easy for me because I am strong and you are so little. As hard as I lift you up I drive my arm down and slam you into the bed. I do this again and again holding you down with my other arm the way that you like until I feel you swell and explode — gushing around my fingers.

I slide out of you and then cup my right breast in my hand and glide my tit up and down over your wetness. I pause each time at your candy clit and rub back and forth against it with my hard pink nipple. I rub you with my hand until I can tell you want me inside of you again. And then I fuck you even harder and faster than the first time. This time pressing my palm against your mouth so you have to work for your breaths. You pour out over my fingers again. And we do this again and again… gushing and fucking…. until you don’t know where the boundaries of your body end and your orgasms begin.

When you physically have nothing left to release I wrap myself around you and I hold you tight so that you can once again recognize where the boundaries of your body are. I pull you harder and we feel our soft skin rub and press against each other. I kiss your head and smell you. You smell like sugar and sex. We lay there surrounded by the buzzing of bees… in our own special honeycomb that we have created. And it is sweet.