I hit like a girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tattedkay

I practice a martial art called Brazilian Jiu jitsu, and I am female. Lots of guys think this is either really hot or a turn off. MMA is huge right now, Rhonda Rousey is someone everyone has heard of. And she kicks ass.

I've always had a fantasy of being a weird sort of hero. Like defending a friend from getting pick pocketed by some hot guy, and using Jiu jitsu to stop him. Jiu jitsu does not involve striking, but rather you submit opponents by joint locks and choke holds. I'd tell her to "run!" And then get him in an arm bar. But then maybe I realize it was a misunderstanding. Like he says he was trying to give her back money that fell out of her purse and that was actually legitimate.

Then rough sex with choking. Yes.

Also just want to say how much I love Dean Van Damme. Where has he been hiding?