Hidden campsite experience

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Vik Reykja

My husband and I do a lot of backcountry camping and hiking, but this time we settled up our tent on a regular campground near a lake. It was a hot summer evening and after cooling our bodies down in the lake we went back into the tent and started making out. The temperature inside the tent was like in a Finnish sauna and our bodies were sweating intensely. While being on top and slowly moving up and down inside our narrow and tiny red shelter, some noises and unexpected activities started around us.

Continuing making love, we got obviously surrounded by a group of scouts settling up their tents just half a meter around ours. Realizing that we had to stay silent turned me on even more and the rhythm my husband pushed against my hips increased. We struggled to stay silent and he covered my mouth with one of his hands while the other one was grabbing my boobs. I continued riding him with increased intensity and our ecstasy reached the highest point. The image that only the thin skin of the tent separated us from the other campers made me come. .... As we left our tent half an our later we found us in the middle of a busy scout camp where daily routine activities were ongoing.