Hey, Siro

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bot_lover 

I recently watched Spike Jonze’s movie ‘her’, if you haven’t seen it the basic premise is that a man falls in love with the voice of his computer’s operative system. It’s a great sci-fi romance, but it’s not actually that out of touch with reality. 

We all know by now how attached we are to our phones. We never turn them off - they're in our pockets or gripped in our hands throughout the day, and under our pillows at night. But our dependence on technology has extended past our mobiles. 

We use Alexa to play our music; when we need to know something we ask Siri; we have robots as cleaners, home assistants, and even companions to care for our elderly. I’ve read stories about people having meaningful relationships with AI, even in some cases marrying them. Spike Jonze’s fictional world is already happening. 

But the one thing that AI cannot give us (yet) is intimate touch. In 'her' the AI sends a volunteer to satisfy the main protagonist's sexual urges but it's a failure. This was my biggest disappointment with the film. After watching it I couldn't help but think, what does sex mean for Siri? Would they have a human body or would sex be something different to them? How would we programme these computer systems to have sex - what would we teach them? More importantly, who would be teaching them? 

If we can fall in love with AI, can AI fall in love with other AI? I've started imagining what this would look like, how they would experience pleasure together and what the tension and emotion would look like be between them. 

I can't stop thinking about it... Please fulfil my dirty AI fantasies and show me what this would look like!