Heroic fantasy revisited

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mice

I like medieval and magic fictions. But the hero is too often some kind of knight or poor fellow trying to rescue a beautiful princess. Instead, what about a courageous lady falling in love with an other girl with (plausible and discreet) magic power ? Let's try to depict a story without too much caricature. The heroin, Garance would be the only daughter of a noble knight. She's courageous and trained daily by her father and develops fighting strength. One day while patrolling the countryside, she hears some disturbing noise. An Inquisition clerc is giving orders to a bunch of mercenaries. They run away from the clerc to give chase to a bohemian woman. Garance argues with the clerc, telling him that she's the one rulling this domain and that bohemian people are welcome here. The clerc is upset but she doesn't care and she starts running after the mercenaries. In the meantime, the cunning bohemian lady, who was running away lead the brutal soldiers into the woods. From there on, while running, she pronounces strange incantations. Then she's apparently helped by the environment to get rid of some of the mercenaries. Strange noises make one of them, maybe a coward or a superstitious man, run away. A tree branch bends and slaps an other mercenary into his face. An other one falls down on the muddy soil and seems stuck there. But three soldiers finally catch the bohemian lady. She resists but she's outnumbered. Garance steps in and fights together with the bohemian lady. Joining their efforts they take the upper hand. After an epic battle, the remaining enemies, severely wounded and afraid, give up the fight and run away. The bohemian, introduces herself, she's Eleonore. Garance is happy to meet her, but she's also bleeding slightly. Eleonore leads Garance to a waterfall in the forest. There, she heals her injuries and washes her skin. Aroused by her tenderness and her caresses, Garance hesitantly embrasses Eleonore. Eleonore welcomes her kiss, smiles and put her arms around her. Then she gives her a beautiful sexual initiation. After a delightfull intercourse, they end up laughting and playing together in the natural pool under the waterfall.