Her name was Anäis

A Sexual Fantasy

— By writemealetter

I saw her dancing at the club and I knew she was one of a kind. I'm normally very shy when it comes to flirting with women, but for her I would be brave - even if it's just for tonight. I asked her name and she said it was Anäis. "Like the writer?" I asked. "My mama read all of her diaries while she was pregnant of me", she said. It didn't took me a long time to realise that wasn't the only connection those two women had. There was something Anäis in her. She was all passion, with her dark skin and her short hair. She was all hunger for life and I knew that just by the way she moved her hips over the music, with her eyes closed. For her I would be brave, I would give her everything - even if it's just for tonight. As we danced together, I saw her eyes on me, but not only on me: on everyone else. She wouldn't be tamed. She was too much for me. I saw the men looking at us, at her, and she smiling back... for each smile, she got a bit closer to me. She made me brave. Tonight I'm not shy, tonight I can say whatever I want to her and she replies, we ramble about love and passion while dancing. I asked her only one thing: for tonight. I wanted to live with her tonight. In that moment I wasn't afraid of not having much experience with women before (I recently discovered myself bisexual). On the contrary, I wanted to have that experience with her. Thankfully, she gave me... When I got to her home, I realised she was also a journal writer. Her notebooks were all over her room, different colours for different phases of her life. She was so much, but tonight I would have everything! Tonight I will make love to a writer, to Anäis. I just wonder if she will write about me...